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Won't You Be My Monster Trucky Rally?
Won't You Be My Monster Trucky Rally?

Valentine's Day, a time for sharing the affection of the heart. A time for demonstrating the closeness felt for that special someone. A time for love and romance. Some people celebrate with dinner, some with a movie.

Me, I'm going to the monster truck rally.

Valentine's Day is that day when our thoughts turn to soft things, warm things, little red cute things. That day when we think about objects of tenderness. That day when all things cuddly and wonderful bask in the comfortable fondness of our hearts.

Me, I'm headed to the Spectrum. Gonna see big trucks crush things. Gonna see them smash into each other. Gonna see them maybe turn over and spill their oil out. Maybe catch fire. I can hear the screaming now.

Valentine's Day is that wonderful fluffy time when two hearts, conjoined in filigrees of lace, shine forth in their togetherness, celebrating their union before an audience of admiring friends, relatives and community. It's a time of sharing and joy and the tokens of devotion. 

Smash, smash, smash. Crush, crush, crush. The monster trucks will stamp all lesser machines to a wet crumple. The monster trucks will cream everything in their path. The monster trucks will spew cataclysm before them, and leave destruction behind. The monster trucks will destroy or be destroyed. The monster trucks will wipe the field clean of enemies, leaving nothing but the sorry heaps of all those weaker trucks littering the earth. The monster trucks will kill everything they see.

Valentine's Day is that time when lovers show compassion for one another, that day when kindness holds dominion over all, and the very air is touched with the mildness of love.

But the monster truck rally is when guts and debris clutter the earth, when the ground is slippery with the blood of the fallen, when the groans of the victims go aloft to the sky's very rim, and the hurt lie in agony amid the pitiable heaps of their ruined lives.

And Valentine's Day is that day when we remember the blessings of those who hold our hearts, and those whose hearts we hold. Valentine's Day is that day when we confirm the sensitivity of those whose souls touch ours, and those whom our souls touch.

But the monster truck rally is when we remember to stamp on the gas and run over anything in our path. The monster truck rally is when we remember to inflate our tires for maximum crush power. The monster truck rally is when we top off our gas for greatest distance in the battle, for greatest endurance in the fight. The monster truck rally is when we keep our courage for the long haul, and sign our wills, get our affairs in order, in case we don't make it.

Yes, Valentine's Day is that day for lovers, that day when all things nurturing and quiet find solace in the softness of the season of love.

For me, maybe next year. This year, I'm getting a ticket for a front row seat at the big monster truck rally.

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