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For the Philadelphia Forum

SAGITTARIUS: A beautiful messenger approaches today with star wisdom to challenge you. Seek understanding. Refuse frustration and be cheerful in spirit. Look into skepticism for clues to deeper knowledge. Your reward may be romance.

"I love astrology. I recently bought two books on how to interpret trines and sextiles."

Trines and what?

"Trines and sextiles. People spend so much time on sun signs and moon signs, but I'm beyond that stuff. I want more detail. I've been working with the 12th house for some time now. And I've been dealing a lot with Pluto."

 Do you mind explaining this to me?

 "Sure. Your ascendant is exactly when you were born. That is your ascendant. Plus you have different qualities. Cardinal signs, mixed signs and mutable signs. And then you have other aspects which can be conjunct, trine, opposition, sextile or square."

 Sextile or square?

 "So if you have a conjunction where two planets are in the same degree or sign--I have Sun and Pluto in my Sun sign--then that is a powerful grouping. And it usually has a good influence, whereas a trine is very harmonious."

 Oh ... That's good!

 "But if you have too many trines in your chart, you can be weak and lazy."

That's not good!

 "No, it's not. With too many trines, there will be strain, discord and separation. For example, if two planets are 180 degrees apart, there will be a huge strain. And those opposites are where you see your challenges and growth."

Ah. Then I guess it is good.

 "Sextiles require a lot more effort, of course. A sextile is where two planets are 60 degrees apart. And then a square is two planets that are 90 degrees apart. A square shows obstacles and teaches lessons."

Yes, it's becoming much clearer now. You know, I never knew astrology had so much wonderful information for people. It's like the stars know who you are.

 "Oh, absolutely they do."

And you can read what any horoscope says about you and know it speaks to you alone. The words couldn't apply to anyone else--except the 50 or 60 million other people who were born in your sign. When I read, for example, that my money difficulties will resolve in the next week, I can rest assured my financial woes will cease--and rest even more assured that for 200 million other Americans they will not. For their horoscopes have failed to intervene for them with the stars.

"The cosmos simply mirror what happens to us here on earth."

Amazing. And do you find that astrology helps you lead a better life?


"Certainly. I wouldn't go outdoors without checking my signs. And I never go out with any guy until I've done his chart."

 What happens after you've done his chart?

 "If the signs are concordant, I feel far more comfortable, far more relaxed and open. Far more ready to give of myself. What time were you born?"

 Um, 5:30 a.m., I think.

 "That would make your Saturn ascendant. Do you have any idea where your Venus is?

 "I was hoping you'd help me find it.

 "Oh, I'm already seeing a lot of squares and sextiles, with other sort-of pressurized groupings that must represent your challenges. Being a Sagittarius, you're temperamental.

 Temperamental? Me?"

 "You're also very passionate, because you're on the cusp."

 Let me tell you, it's passionate out here on the cusp. So what happens when you feel more relaxed and open and ready to give of yourself?

 "Well, then I feel good about whomever I'm with and ready to get to know him. One more thing: What house is your moon in?"

 What house would you like it to be in?





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